6 things graduates should invest in to get hired

With access to the internet, search engines and social media sites, the process of getting hired has changed immensely over the past few years. With higher numbers of candidates and a need to get through the first review of resumes, investing time in the 6 items below will increase the chances of you getting hired:

  1. A Quality Headshot.  Candidates will be researched, whether it is through google, facebook or linkedIn. A good quality headshot shows you are serious about your personal presentation and professionalism.
  2. An up-to-date and accurate LinkedIn Profile. Many recruiters and companies will go directly to LinkedIn to learn about prospective candidates.
  3. Professional Look. First impressions count! Whether the company ethos is casual attire, you should arrive at the interview looking sharp. You want to feel comfortable in your interview clothes, but make sure that the look exudes confidence and professionalism.
  4. Testimonials. All of the materials you have written are from you, about you. A good way to validate your personal presentation of yourself is to obtain recommendations and testimonials through your social media presence. Use your LinkedIn profile and your personal website/blog/Slideshare/Google+ accounts.
  5. Video Content. With easy access to video hosting services, the next stage of personal marketing is to create a professional personal bio. Remember, this is you marketing you, ensure that you have good lighting and sound and make the production as professional as you can.
  6. Career Coaching. Having someone else assisting you on the direction and focus of your approach to your new job or career is time well spent and provides successful results.

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