Four core competencies – #1 Ethics

Competencies Candidates Should Have – Ethics.

A blog series from Mitchell Langbert

We recently came across a series of blogs by Mitchell Langbert that very clearly highlights 4 core competencies that college graduates should have to ensure a more successful job search. We feel that while of course these skills are a requirement for graduates, they also extend to anyone looking to expand their horizons and careers.

We liked these articles so much we had to share them.

The four skills that are covered are:

Four skills that when mastered ensure career growth and progression. These are skills that critical in getting yourself noticed and getting to the front of the queue.

In this article, we cover Ethics.

Ethics is the most basic of all managerial skills and for an employer it is a fundamental requirement. Ethics is skill just like job search, interpersonal skills, and writing. Mitchell summarises Ethics well “Making money is a good, just as honesty and concern for others are goods.  Our job as business people is to balance these and other goods or virtues so that we, our associates, and society, can flourish.

We strongly recommending reading the whole article as there are many valuable insights, we have highlighted some of the key points that we have taken from the article.

The reason the most successful achievers achieve is that they play by the rules of the game. They respect their customers, their employees, their stockholders, and their society.  As society becomes more concerned with the environment, environmental concerns become business concerns.  That is why customers repeatedly return to a firm that produces great products, and that is why society turns to business in times of crisis.

This is a sentiment that we are hearing from many employers, whether they are based in the Philippines or overseas. Mitchell discusses that a business’s products are in fact moral goods. Being able to expand is a component of success, increasing business efficiency and constantly adapting to meet customer’s needs, fulfils moral goods. This is a foundation that all jobseekers should identify and clearly communicate to prospective employers.

This article is summarised nicely as:

Ethics is the most important competency because all dealings depend on it.  It is the chief recipe for long-term success. Whether we are looking for a job, dealing with the challenges of interpersonal communication, or negotiating an important deal, it is important to ask ourselves whether we are doing the right thing by balancing all considerations in a way that yields an optimal outcome for others, for society, and for ourselves.

To fully understand the views and opinions that have been raised, we strongly recommend reading the full article here.


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